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Introducing Spain Up Experience

2023 September 20. 18:30 to 19:30h CET

Innovation | Disruptive | Export | Future | International

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Live an enriching experience between training, activities and company contacts. This is Spain-Up! An executive program to level up, increase your income, connect with profiles, and above all a lot of Marca España.
We will see start-ups that are disruptive and innovative and also international companies that export and expand their businesses. Are you preparad@ for the future? During this experience we will delve into business creation, business development, opportunities and a lot of technology. It will be several months of training with classes in Spanish and English to think «Out of the box». Start-Up & Spain-Up!.

We will also do tourism enjoying Spanish food and drink with businessmen, investors and entrepreneurs.

Come and learn, connect and export ideas or businesses in Spain-Up: Executive Business Program.

Enjoy the experience!

Why Spain?

We are the link between Latin America and Europe

1st country in infrastructure management

1st country in export of fruits and vegetables

2nd most visited country in the world behind France.

1st country with more profitable banks with own resources.

1st country in fiber optic reach

450 million people live in the European Union.

1st country in renewable energy storage

2nd best eaten country in the world behind Italy.

500 million people speak Spanish as their native language.

1st country in extension of vineyards.

2nd oldest country in the world behind Japan.


Live business classes with experts you can ask about your work.

• Networking & Communication
• Culture in Spanish and European
• Storytelling & Pitch
• Internationalization
• Strategies and Investment
• Innovation, Leadership and Negotiation
• Project Management
• Digital Transformation.


Innovating on improvable aspects of your work with businessmen, entrepreneurs and investors.

• Group mentoring
• 1-1  Consulting
• Community
• Workshops
• MasterClasses
• Interviews with companies
• Mastermind
• Networking


Getting to know companies and start-ups that innovate. Business tourism in Madrid and Barcelona.

• Masterclasses
• Visits to companies and start-ups
• Workshops
• Exposure of your business
• Spanish Experiences
• Activities
• Tourism
• Party



Entrepreneurs and Businessmen

Directors and Department Heads

Investors and Venture Capital

Start -Ups and Young Companies

Consultants and Managers.

Spain-Up Experience is an executive program to learn, think «out of the box» and connect with other professionals. Together we will learn about the latest technologies and disruptive business models. Successful Spanish entrepreneurs will share how they innovate in large corporations and show us entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship techniques.

You will come to Spain for a week to live it in first person and get to know the latest in our country in Madrid and Barcelona. Apart from learning about international business, we will do tourism, eat and drink to thoroughly understand the Spanish culture (expert in gastronomy).

We help professionals to improve their companies to be more productive with the latest methodologies and technologies by the hand of Spanish experts. You will learn to know your work in a disruptive, innovative and international way during an experience like you have never seen.

LEVEL UP > Evolve as a professional.

All this in a week of business immersion, a business tourism experience in Madrid and Barcelona by the hand of entrepreneurs and businessmen from Spain.

Madrid & Barcelona Business Experience

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Spain Up: An innovative business tourism experience. Train and evolve professionally. Sign up now!

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